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Understanding The Malaysian Workforce: Guidelines for Managers- Asma Abdullah

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This is a practical "hands-on" book for managers who want to know more about the influence of ethnic values on managerial practices in Malaysia.

The first edition, published in 1992 and reprinted twice, was the result of three years of research on Intercultural Management initiated by the Malaysian Institute of Management. It has been widely used as a guide and reference on how to interact with Malaysians at the workplace.

This timely revision contains new insights that will continue to expand our knowledge and understanding of the Malaysian workforce, especially in light of the many changes in recent years. How do managers manage the change process seeing that the process will depend on the given cultural dimensions of the workforce?

There are 15 chapters in this Revised Edition - three more than in the first edition. But like the first edition, the chapters are classified into three main parts: Foundation Concepts, Managerial Interactions and Special Applications Each chapter includes a new segment on issues and challenges that are distinctively Malaysian and which managers in Malaysia would inevitably face. It concludes with guidelines on what to do and what not to do when interacting at the workplace.

Please refer to the images for a summary/synopsis of the book.

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