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Principles and Practice of Therapeutic Massage: Second Edition - Akhoury Gourang Sinha

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The second edition contains several new information and discussion on the recent uses of massage.The current phase is one that of resurgent advocacy. The advanced technology is increasingly being used world over to examine its effects and uses. These research on one hand are establishing the basis of its uses in several of the conditions where massage have traditionally not been used by the established practitioners. On the other hand the risk for the misuse/use of the modality is also fast increasing. The second edition of this book examines these issue from closer quarters especially with regards to the uses of massage in AIDS, cancer, hypertension, obesity etc. Information emerged from the recent researches have been incorporated. Black and white photographs have been replaced by the new ones. However the basic structure of the book has not been altered though minor errors of typography are corrected.

Please refer to the images for a summary/synopsis of the book.

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