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Master Your English- Corinne Cheung

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Master your English aims at providing students with intensive practice in all the components of the SC English language syllabus.

15 units composed of Paper 1 and 2 have been designed following the exam format.

Paper 1 involves two sections:

Section 1 Directed Writing with a range of different situations that address the examinee's experience in a situation familiar to him/her relevant to the world of study, work or community.

Section 2 Creative Writing where there is a choice of narrative/ descriptive/argumentative essay titles.

Paper 2 involves two sections:

Section 1 Reading for Ideas with factual passages dealing with different contemporary topics of interest to students.

Section 2 Reading for Meaning consists of engaging narrative passages from different sources. Care has been taken in writing these passages and formulating the questions as closely as possible as in the specimen paper.

The 5 units of paper 3-Oral English have been written according to the new syllabus effective as from 2013.

There are also some supplementary vocabulary and grammar exercises for revision purposes.

Please refer to the images for a summary/synopsis of the book.

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