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Hearts That Remember (Is there Rest and Relief for This Tired Heart) - Sa'diyya Nesar

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“This heart is tired. This heart is battered. But this heart is trying to survive.”

Are these the things we whisper to ourhearts, as we bravely go through our day-to-day life?

The heart tries to beat courageously for us, but there are days when we feel defeated because it has gone through so much battle for us. Sometimes it runs to chase perfection and sometimes it struggles to overcome insecurities.

At each turn where we feel like we’re grasping what we thought was perfect but somehow end up feeling dissatisfied and worn out. We become engulfed in the pains of dealing with our endless imperfections––because we fail to see anything beautiful about us.

In Hearts That Remember, author Sa’diyya Nesar tenderly leads the journey of exploring the meaning of beauty and it starts with our tired and battered hearts.

This book invites us to create a space for the heart to rest and be happy by embracing our imperfections. Allah’s definition of beauty isn’t the same as the perfection we chase. He looks a tour hearts––the one that is always in remembrance of Him.

"Verily, with the remembrance of Allah (SWT) do hearts find rest.”(Qu’ran, Surah Ar-Ra’d : Aayah 28)

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