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Feng Shui: Symbols of Good Fortune- Lillian Too

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Symbolism is a very important and integral part of feng shui practice. Symbols of good fortune are incorporated into many decorative objects we display in homes and offices and knowing their meanings adds depth and substance to the practice. The symbolism of shapes and colors also adds hidden dimensions to our practice in the same way that the elements add strength to the chi energy we live with.

This book is indispensable to any feng shui enthusiast's library, with full-color illustrations and in-depth references on all the most popular good fortune symbols. Read it from cover to cover or use it as an easy-to-navigate encyclopedia. Learn what brings prosperity luck, what causes improved health, what can help attract love and romance and what brings continuous success. Welcome to the world where the practice of feng shui is not only easy, fun and inspiring, but where great results manifest quickly and effectively. Lillian Too is one of the prominent names in feng shui today and author of over 80 books that have been translated into more than 30 languages with millions of copies sold.

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