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Criminal Litigation Process - Baljit Singh Sidhu

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This book, which was written by a seasoned criminal law practitioner, is filled with knowledge that clarifies the intricacies of Malaysia's criminal litigation procedure. Significant recent court rulings and fresh legislative developments are covered in the text in a clear and comprehensible manner.

This edition includes updates on significant subjects, such as the jurisdiction of criminal courts, potential arrestees' rights, the Public Prosecutor's authority, the transfer of cases, the bail process, the impeachment of the accused, trial procedures, mitigation, sentencing trends, sentence stays, and the court's revisionary powers. The debate on the presence of legal counsel during the recording of statements has been included, and the recent historic Supreme Court decision on the defence of absolute privilege is examined. Updates have also been made to the Security Offenses (Special Measures) Act of 2012 ("SOSMA"procedures )'s for the arrest and custody of juveniles, as well as to the court's authority and ability to issue orders for juvenile offenders.

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