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Architectural Design for Tropical Regions by Cleveland Salmon

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An indispensable source of technical information and proven design solutions. This book is essential reading for architects and other building professionals who work in tropical regions, as well as those who would like to expand their professional compass to include these areas.

Written by an architect with extensive experience designing public and private buildings for the tropics, it offers a wealth of insights and information on a broad range of technical and nontechnical issues. Taking into account energy efficiency, comfort, and sensitivity to both natural surroundings and local traditions, the author underpins discussions of technical elements, such as building performance and materials, with valuable personal insights and guidance on working with regional cultural differences. He describes proven design strategies applicable throughout the Tropical Zone, as well as specialized construction techniques used in different tropical regions.

Throughout, the material is supplemented with invaluable climatic and geographical data, technical renderings, and more than 100 photographs illustrating specific building types.
Encompassing 30 of the Earth's surface, the Tropical Zone is currently the site of unprecedented population growth and development. While this boom offers architects many exciting opportunities, it also presents daunting challenges for those who design buildings for a region characterized by intense heat and humidity, torrential rainfall, cyclones, hurricanes, and other meteorological and geological extremes.

Now this book equips architects with the knowledge and skills they need to meet those challenges. Architectural Design for Tropical Regions is a complete guide to designing public and private buildings for tropical regions that are healthy, comfortable, and exist in harmony with both the natural environment and local traditions. In addition to proven design strategies, it brings together a wealth of detailed information on all of the technical and nontechnical issues that must be taken into consideration when designing for tropical environments.

The book features:

  • Practical coverage of climate and its influences and constraints.
  • Technical specifications of materials and building performance.
  • Tips on understanding and working with regional cultural differences.

Step-by-step guidance on site selection, analysis, and planning. In-depth discussion of construction techniques used in various tropical regions. A wealth of climatic and geographical data, including temperature charts, rainfall indexes, hurricane classification tables, and more. Dozens of examples of site plans, floor plans, and elevations. More than 100 photographs illustrating specific building types.

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