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Principles of Malaysian Land Law

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This book aims to present the fundamental ideas and concepts of Malaysian land law in an easily understandable manner for readers, particularly law students. Knowing more about the modified Torrens System used in the Malaysian land administration system is helpful for individuals who are interested. The book's main goal is to explain the principal Land law statutes, backed wherever appropriate and required by case law. The writing style and unique presenting method, which engages the readers, solves frequent points of uncertainty. Sections are divided into topics that are simple to explore and comprehend. This book is a completely contemporary textbook that promotes and encourages critical thinking and

TABLE OF CONTENTS OF Principles of Malaysian Land Law, Second Edition

1. Introduction

2. General Concepts of Land Ownership

3. Rights and Powers of the State Authority

4. Dealings and Registration of Dealings

5. Indefeasibility of Titles and Interests

6. Transfers

7. Easement

8. Leases and Tenancies

9. Security Dealings

10. Restraint on Dealings

11. Management of Reserved Land

12. Compulsory Acquisition of Land

13. Strata Titles Law in Malaysia

14. Principles of Islamic Land Ownership

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