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Islamic Law of Succession 2nd Edition - CLJ Publication

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The second edition of “Islamic Law of Succession, A Practical Guide to the Laws of Faraid” provides readers with an updated and more in-depth discussion on the essential rules, principles and actual distribution of an estate based on the portions prescribed in the divine sources of Islamic law. While retaining the original work, this edition includes new information on hibah and the method of distribution in cases of multiple deaths.

As with its predecessor, the book also provides abundant examples on the calculation of shares and portions each of the heirs are entitled to in different circumstances. Those who enjoy mathematical challenges may attempt all the exercises in Appendix 2 of the book. A table of portions is provided as a quick reference.

This book will be a precious source of reference and be immensely beneficial for students, legal practitioners, financial planners, judicial officers, academicians and everyone interested in the subject.

Please refer to the images for a summary/synopsis of the book.

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