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Corporate Governance- Principles And Practices In Malaysia

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This book provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamentals of corporate governance in Malaysia. The eight succinctly written chapters will enable undergraduates to grasp and understand the ethical theories underpinning good business practices. Students will learn the essentials of business ethics and corporate governance and be equipped to deal with common ethical and corporate governance dilemmas that arise in businesses. Each chapter starts with clear learning outcomes and ends with a summary that recapitulates the key points in the chapter. The topics are covered in an accessible manner, and the content is aligned with the requirements of Hala Tuju 3. The discussions on the application of ethical principles revolve around the framework of good corporate governance. Relevant examples from Malaysia, and other examples encompassing international perspectives, are included in the discussions to enhance students’ understanding. A glossary of key terms and ample exercises in the form of structured questions, essay questions and class activities are included at the end of the chapters to facilitate and consolidate students’ learning outcomes. Selected mini cases and end-of-chapter case studies are also provided to help students test their understanding of the chapter. Additionally, this book features selected extracts taken from the latest version of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG 2017) as an end-of-book Appendix.

Key Features

Corporate Governance topics are presented using easy-to-understand discussions that are aligned to the framework of Hala Tuju 3

Where possible, local examples are used to give students an understanding of real and current ethical issues happening in Malaysia

Specially selected mini cases are included in the texts to help students link the discussions to the real world

A glossary of key terms is provided at the end of each chapter to help students master essential terminology

End-of-chapter structured questions, essay questions and class activities, as well as case studies, are specially designed to facilitate and consolidate students’ learning outcomes

Selected extracts from the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (MCCG 2017) are included as an end-of-book Appendix to complement the coverage of this book

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